We love feet too

discreet         classy         sexy

We are a group of ladies that love having our feet, toes, shoes, boots and stockings worshiped.

FootLover.ca was started by Me, well known foot lover Baroness V to give foot fetishists a discreet place to turn when craving gorgeous, seductive feet, stockings, shoes and boots. With over 30 years experience in BDSM I guarantee our Ladies will know exactly what you need to fill your deep desires.

The ladies of FootLover.ca are not dominatrixes. They are women  who thoroughly enjoy having their feet adored, touched, licked, kissed and massaged.

We offer discreet one on one encounters with any theme you can imagine and after just one encounter I guarantee you will know what sets us apart. Located in a clean, discreet location full of sensual delights of all sorts. Click HERE for photos.

If you love women's feet, you won't be disappointed. 


discreet         classy         sexy